Everett PTSA Council 7.3 Standing Rules 2023-2024 

COUNCIL NAME: The legal name of this council is Everett Council Parent Teacher Student  Association and its National PTA number is 11279110. The council will also do business as Everett  PTSA Council or Everett PTSA Council 7.3. 

MISSION: The mission of this organization is “The Everett PTSA Council supports, empowers, and  guides our PTAs to be successful.” 

STATE OF WASHINGTON: This council is a non-profit corporation recognized by the State of  Washington on January 7, 1980. It is the responsibility of this council to file an annual corporation  renewal form prior to January 31st. The incorporation number is available upon request. This council  was recognized by the State of Washington Charitable Solicitations Act as of November 15, 1988. 

IRS STATUS: The IRS recognized this council as a non-profit tax-exempt organization on May 25,  1994 under section 501(c)3. The Employer Identification Number is available upon request. The  Treasurer is responsible for filing the appropriate tax return prior to November 15th. 

REGISTERED AGENT: Washington State PTA has been designated to serve as the registered agent  with the Washington Secretary of State, Washington Department of Revenue, and the IRS. 

STUDENTS: The students of the Everett School District will be considered honorary members of this  Council without voice, vote or privilege of holding office. 

SERVICE FEES: Annual Everett PTSA Council fees will be $50.00 per local PTA, plus $0.50 cents  per member. The current year’s annual council fee shall be waived for any member PTA in its first  year of PTA charter. 

ELECTED OFFICERS shall be President, Vice President-Membership, Secretary, and Treasurer.  Elected officers shall serve a term of one (1) year, from July 1st to June 30th. No person shall serve  in the same elected office for more than two consecutive terms. These elected officers shall constitute  the Executive Committee. Any elected position, other than Treasurer, may be held jointly by two (2)  people. Each co-position holder shall be entitled to voice and vote. In the case of Co-Presidents, the  presiding President has only a tie breaking vote. An office shall be declared vacant if an officer is  absent three (3) consecutive meetings, unless previously excused by the presiding officer. If a  vacancy occurs in an office, the Executive Committee will select an acting officer to serve until the  next general meeting, at which time nominations will be taken from the floor with consent from the  nominee. 

ELIGIBILITY: Nominee must be a member of a local PTA in the Everett PTSA Council at least 30  days prior to election, and have served at least one term on a local PTA Board of Directors in the  Everett PTSA Council. The Nominating Committee and Council President will make every attempt to  provide the widest possible representation of local PTAs on the Council Board of Directors. All  elected officers must be at least 18 years of age. 

BOARD OF DIRECTORS consists of the elected officers, all appointed Standing Committee  chairpersons, the Special Ed PTSA Liaison, the Board-at-Large members (North/1st Region and  

South/2nd Region), and the Region 7 PTA Service Delivery Team Liaison (when not filled by  someone already serving on the Board of Directors). All committee members and the Board of  Directors must be current members of a local PTA in the Everett PTSA Council. 

STANDING COMMITTEES shall be: Advocacy Chair(s); Communications Chair(s); Programs  Chair(s); Family and Community Engagement/Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (FACE/DEI) Chair(s);  Reflections Chair(s), Shoe Fund Chair(s), and Environmental Sustainability Chair(s). 

AD HOC COMMITTEES include Recognition Chair(s); Nominating Committee, Financial Review  Committee, and Budget Committee, with other committees as required at the discretion of the Board  of Directors. The President will request volunteers for Ad Hoc Committees, other than Nominating  Committee members that are elected. 

STANDING & AD HOC COMMITTEE MEMBERS must be current members of a local PTA in the  Everett PTSA Council. All candidates will be reviewed and approved by the Executive Committee  from the same term as the open position, and then appointed by the president for a period of one (1)  year. A chair position can be declared vacant if a Chairperson is absent three (3) consecutive  meetings, unless previously excused by the presiding officer. 

NOMINATING COMMITTEE shall be elected at a general membership meeting of the council at least  thirty (30) days preceding the election of officers and shall consist of at least three (3) members. The  committee shall select its chair at its first meeting. All members of the Nominating Committee shall  have been members in good standing for at least thirty (30) days preceding their election. No person  shall be eligible to serve two (2) consecutive years on this committee. The President is not eligible to  serve on this committee. No school district administrator can serve on the Nominating Committee for  the council within the district where he/she is employed. 

QUORUM (EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEETINGS): A majority of those on the executive committee  shall constitute a quorum. 

QUORUM (BOARD OF DIRECTOR MEETINGS): A majority of the Board of Directors will constitute  a quorum. 

VOTING MEMBERS & QUORUM (GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETINGS): Eligible voting members of the  Everett PTSA Council will consist of the Board of Directors and three (3) voting delegates from each  local PTA. Representatives from local PTAs whose fees are delinquent shall not participate in the  business or activities of the council. A quorum will consist of 10% of those eligible to vote. 

ONLINE PASSWORDS: A list of online passwords will be updated and maintained annually by the  President and Secretary. With any changes of the Executive Committee, passwords will be revised  and Executive Committee notified. 

SOCIAL MEDIA: Everett PTSA Council shall maintain a social media policy. The policy shall reside  with the Secretary. Members of Everett PTSA Council shall not use any social media platform to  bully, insult, embarrass, harass, target, or post threats of physical or verbal abuse toward any  individual, including school board officials, school administrators, teachers, PTA members,  volunteers, or other individuals associated with Everett School District. 

ELECTRONIC VOTING: Everett PTSA Council may allow voting by email, online voting tool and/or  

by mail for election of the nominating committee and/or officers per WSPTA “Mail, email and online  voting procedures” found in the WSPTA leadership guide. 

REQUIRED TRAINING: During the PTA year, all elected officers must participate in at least one (1)  WSPTA approved training, & at least one (1) elected officer must complete PTA and the Law training. 

STANDING RULES: The Standing Rules will be reviewed annually and may be amended by a two thirds (2/3) majority vote of the General Membership after the Everett PTSA Council Board of  Directors has approved the amendment. Council Standing Rules shall not be in conflict with the  WSPTA Uniform Bylaws. 

BUDGET: A budget will be prepared by the Budget Committee (consisting of at least the incoming  and outgoing Presidents and Treasurers) and will be submitted for approval to the Everett PTSA  Council Board of Directors prior to the last Council meeting and to the Council no later than the last  General Membership Meeting of the fiscal year. 

REALLOCATION: The Board of Directors has the right to reallocate up to $500, as needed by a  majority vote of the Board of Directors. Under emergency situations the Executive Committee of the  Everett PTSA Council has the right to reallocate funds by a majority vote of the Executive Committee.  All reallocations will be announced at the next Council General Membership Meeting. 

RESERVE FUND: The Council shall maintain a reserve fund of not less than $2,000 and not more  than $6,000, to be shown in and voted on as part of the regular annual budget. Funds may be used to  maintain the viability of the PTSA in times of decreased funding, including but not limited to paying  required filing fees and insurance premiums, as allocated by the Board. 

BONDING AND INSURANCE: The following insurance shall be purchased annually by the Council:  General Liability, Medical Payments, Media Liability, Non-Profit Professional Liability (Officer Liability)  – at least minimum limits; Fidelity Bond (Crime) – at least as high as the maximum expected bank  balance. Other coverage and/or increased limits may be purchased as approved by the Board. The  Board will review and approve the policy coverage and limits annually prior to renewal. 

CHECK SIGNERS: Only elected officers can sign checks. Two (2) signatures are required on all  checks. The bank signature card will list at least two and not more than four elected officers. Use of a  debit card, credit card, ATM card, and online banking to disburse funds is not permitted. An exception  can be made for a wire transfer that has the specific purpose of securing gift cards for the Everett  PTSA Council Shoe Fund Program, for which in addition to the Council Treasurer one other  authorized bank signer is required to be present at the bank while the banker prepares the transfer. 

GIFT CARDS: Gift cards are regarded as equivalent to cash. As such, two authorized check signers  are required to verify each gift card monetary value upon receipt as well as when gift cards are being  released for distribution. Gift cards are to be sent to Everett PTSA Council office at the Community  Resource Center (3900 Broadway, Everett, WA 98201). 

CONTRACTS & FINANCIAL OBLIGATIONS: Everett PTSA Council will not enter into any financial  obligations extending beyond the fiscal year (July 1 – June 30) except as approved by the general  membership. All contracts will be signed by two (2) elected officers. 

FINANCIAL REVIEWS: The Financial Review Committee (none of whom may be signatories on the  checking account) will conduct a mid-year (around January) and year-end financial review (in July, as  soon as the year-end bank statement is reconciled). These results will be shared with the general

membership at the next General Membership Meeting. 

CONVENTION: Everett PTSA Council shall send at least one (1) voting delegate to the Annual State  PTA Convention. The Executive Committee will appoint the voting delegates of the Everett PTSA  Council. Incoming officers will receive first consideration. Delegates’ expenses (which may include  registration, lodging, meals, and travel) will be a budgeted item. 

LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY: The Everett PTSA Council shall make every attempt to send at least  one (1) voting delegate to the annual Legislative Assembly. Delegates’ expenses (which may include  registration, lodging, meals, and travel) will be a budgeted item. 

REGION 7 SERVICE DELIVERY COMMITTEE: One member of the Everett Council Board of Directors will  be appointed by the Council President to serve on the Region 7 Service Delivery Committee. The  President(s) or alternate(s) will represent the Everett PTSA Council at Region 7 and State PTA  meetings, workshops, and conferences. The Council is encouraged to send at least one (1) delegate  to the WSPTA Leadership Conference. 

STANDARDS OF AFFILIATION (SOA): Per the Washington State PTA Uniform Bylaws, we will  annually review and complete the WSPTA Standards of Affiliation Agreement. 

AWARDS: The Golden Acorn, Outstanding Service, Outstanding Educator, Outstanding Advocate  Award Committee will consist of the Executive Committee, or will be appointed by the President, and  will determine the recipients of those awards. 

SUSTAINABILITY INITIATIVE: Our goal at Everett PTSA Council is to encourage wider and more  inclusive PTA leader engagement and give our Executive team the time they need to fulfill their  positions well. In an effort to collectively encourage a policy of sustainability, Everett PTSA Council  board members are encouraged to chair no more than two committees, programs or events in  addition to their board role. If, despite consistent and multiple recruitment efforts, a capable  chairperson for an Everett PTSA Council program or event cannot be found, the board will consider  cancelling the program, event or committee work in question until the role is filled. 

– End of Document –