Let’s Grow Our PTA Family

PTAs can earn the following membership achievements: 

Bronze – If your PTA has 1 member higher than last school year’s membership
Silver – If your PTA has 5% increase from last school year’s membership 
Gold – If your PTA has 10% increase from last school year’s membership 
Platinum – If your PTA has 20% increase from last school year’s membership 
100% PTA Membership – Must have 1 paid member for every child enrolled in your PTA’s school
100% Staff Membership – Must have 1 paid school staff member as there are full-time certificated employees at the school

The Membership Growth Awards are calculated monthly (no application needed).

Congratulations to our local PTAs who have already earned Membership Growth Awards (as of March 31, 2024)!

Tambark Creek PTSA 7.3.12: Bronze, Silver, Gold
Jefferson PTA 7.3.25: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum
Mill Creek PTA 7.3.37: Bronze, Silver Gold
Penny Creek PTA 7.3.42: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum
Emerson PTA 7.3.5: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum
Whittier PTA 7.3.55: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum
North Middle PTA 7.3.73: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum

The 100% Staff Membership requires an application and deadline to submit form was March 14, 2024.

Just like your PTA, the Everett PTSA Council has a membership goal as well:  4100 members this year.
As of April 17, 2024, we have 3918 members! We are over 95% of the way to our goal!

Need help with the WSPTA membership database memberplanet? WSPTA can help! Check out their many resources here and don’t forget to visit the memberplanet success site!

April Membership Update

Have you heard???

For 2024-2025 school year-a new membership database system will be used. Memberplanet is going away and in its place-we will use GIVEBACKS.

 Webinars are being held in April for the new platform:  GIVEBACKS, so please: Membership Chairs & President’s sign up for one today.

Register for the April 9, 12 pm webinar here.
Register for the April 18, 5 pm webinar here

The month of May will be dedicated to onboarding & training meetings, so all PTA’s are in a good position to begin the new school year ready to go.  Stay tuned as Washington State PTA rolls out more information on the transition and training process. 

Please contact Margaret McAdams with any questions about membership!

Why join PTA? Check out WSPTA’s page on the Value of PTA!

Utilize the marketing material and resources that National PTA has created in form of graphics for social media, fliers, presentations, etc.


Available Resources via Washington State PTA include, handbooks, webinar recording, E-Learnings and videos to navigate memberplanet.