2023-2024 Meetings and Trainings Schedule

Council Membership Meetings:
We welcome ALL Local PTA Leaders to our membership meetings which will be held virtually using Zoom until further notice. Zoom meeting instructions will be included in upcoming eBlasts to all local PTA leaders listed in the MemberPlanet database. Meeting agendas will be posted on our Council website prior to meeting dates.

Be sure to have your Local PTA represented at all Council Membership Meetings – your voice and votes matter!  Membership Meeting Call to Order will be at 6:00 PM, with Council-led WSPTA-approved training, or Local PTA Leaders Roundtable, or Guest Speakers to begin at 7:00 PM.

September 206:00pm, Council Membership Meeting – Zoom only, TRAINING TBD
November 156:00pm, Council Membership Meeting – Zoom, TRAINING TBD
January 176:00pm, Council Membership Meeting – Zoom, GUEST SPEAKER TBD
March 206:00pm, Council Membership Meeting – Zoom, TRAINING TBD
May 156:00pm, Council Membership Meeting – Zoom, TRAINING TBD
June 196:00pm, Council Membership Meeting, Volunteer Appreciation – Zoom, TRAINING TBD

Board of Director Meetings:
The Everett PTSA Council Board of Directors will meet at 6:00 PM on October 20, December 13, February 21, April 17. Please contact Beenish Iqbal at president@everettptsacouncil.org if you would like to attend a BOD meeting. We welcome your ideas and feedback!

Council Office Hours:
Council leaders are available to meet during the Third Thursday of each month during the school year from 4:00 – 5:00 PM “by appointment only.” Our “Office Hours” will be virtual (online) only until the school district allows in-person events at the CRC; after that authorization occurs, “Office Hours” will switch to our Council Office. Find more information in our eBlasts. Contact us if you would like to set up a different time to meet.

Other Important Dates:

August 25-26: WSPTA Leadership Launch
December 15: Holiday Dinner