We value diversity among our communities across our state. By focusing on relationships, community building, diversity, equity and inclusion, we can help serve our communities, schools and families better. Everett PTSA council is honored to support our PTAs to effectively serve ALL CHILDREN and FAMILIES.


  1. The resources listed below provide more insights into activities to engage students in meaningful learning experiences regarding winter holidays:
  2. Be inclusive and focus on more than one holiday – Survey your families to learn what winter holidays they celebrate to allow a breadth of winter holidays in order to not endorse one religion or holiday over another. Consider the questions below when creating or finding a survey:
    • What winter holidays does your family celebrate?
    • Are you comfortable with your child participating in classroom activities related to holidays from a number of different cultures?
    • Is there anything holiday-related that you would prefer was not discussed in the classroom
    • Does your family have any special holiday traditions that you would be willing to share with the class?

Happening in December:

From National PTA’s Multicultural Calendar (Calendario Multicultural)

December 3: International Day of Persons with Disabilities
December 6: St. Nicholas Day
December 7-15: Hanukkah
December 8: Bodhi Day
December 10: Human Rights Day
December 16-24: Las Posadas
December 21 – Jan 1: Yule
December 24: Christmas Eve/Nochebuena
December 25*: Christmas
December 26 – Jan 1: Kwanzaa

*United States Federal Holiday

Multicultural Reference Guide

National PTA Multicultural Reference Guide

The guide contains information, resources and key strategies to enhance PTA’s inclusion of traditionally underrepresented children and families.

PTA Multicultural Reference Guide
PTA Multicultural Reference Guide (en español)

National PTA DEI Resource Guide

This PDF guide is composed of National PTA resources for supporting diversity, equity and inclusion.

National PTA DEI Resource Guide
National PTA DEI Resource Guide (en español)


National PTA’s Center for Family Engagement has created this Multicultural Calendar to highlight and celebrate the diversity in our PTA and school communities!

Multicultural Calendar 2023-2024
Calendario Multicultural 2023-2024


WSPTA offers training on DEI, FACE, and many more topics throughout the year.  Be sure to check the Events Calendar to see upcoming opportunities for training.


  1. National PTA DEI Resources
  2. Commitment statement
  3. Local Leader Guidance
  4. How to welcome diverse perspectives

For any questions, comments and feedback, please reach out to Family and Community Engagement (FACE) / Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Director:  Anita Dhinakar (email)