The Everett PTSA Council supports, empowers, and guides our PTAs to be successful.


  • PTA OUTREACH: Foster and encourage communication, networking and engagement between local PTAs & Everett PTSA Council by conducting at least two (2) council contacts with every PTA this school year.  Council contact list and information will be maintained on Council website.
  • COMMUNITY COLLABORATION: Collaborate with our strategic partners (ESD administration, school principals, Natural Leaders, Key Clubs, National Honor Societies, etc.) to support at least two (2) community efforts, such as college/career readiness, early learning, reading, social emotional health programs, volunteer opportunities, special education, etc.
  • LEADERSHIP TRAINING: Hold at least four (4) Council led trainings for PTA leaders throughout the year, and share information (links/passwords) to WA State PTA trainings.


  • COMMUNICATION: Strengthen communication with local PTAs by using a variety of communication methods to disseminate relevant information to and collect feedback from our local PTAs. Share links for each PTAs current membership forms or MemberPlanet online signups on Council website, and maintain position-specific Facebook Groups for PTA leaders.
  • MEMBERSHIP: Attain Everett Council wide membership goal of 4100 by using at least one (1) district-wide membership drive and assisting local PTAs with entering their members in the state database. Promote an online sign-up campaign with creative incentives.
  • ADVOCACY: Have at least one (1) Council representative participate in and vote at Legislative Assembly, have at least one (1) Council delegate participate in and vote at WSPTA Convention, have at least one (1) Council representative participate in Focus Day, and promote local advocacy opportunities.    
  • SHOE FUND Program: Raise awareness of the Shoe Fund program in our schools by identifying and contacting the appropriate staff member(s) at each school to explain the program and encourage the submission of shoe requests.
  • REFLECTIONS Program: Maintain or exceed the number of local PTAs that participate in the Reflections Program by inviting all local PTA Reflection chairs to attend Reflections training in September/October; contacting those PTAs that haven’t offered the program before to encourage their participation, and celebrating all participating student artists in a meaningful way.

ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY: Promote environmental sustainability within Everett School District, including at the local and council PTA levels, by establishing an environmental sustainability resource page on the council website.

Strategic Plans:
​This plan will help us provide our PTAs the best service possible, while also allowing us to focus on our strategic partnership with the Everett School District.  It helps us prioritize our limited resources (funds and volunteers) to maximize our results. In developing our Strategic Plan, the Everett PTSA Council looked at the Strategic Plans for the Everett School District and WSPTA.  To learn more about those Strategic Plans, please see the links below.

Everett School District Strategic Plan

Washington State PTA Strategic Plan