Environmental Sustainability Chair: Clarissa P. e.sustainability@everettptsacouncil.org

On May 18, 2022, Everett PTSA Council adopted a resolution called Taking Action on Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change. Click here to see the resolution. Click here to see the one-page explanation about the resolution and why the council chose to adopt it. The resolution commits to taking steps toward sustainability, including establishing a position on the board for a Sustainability Chair. Local PTAs can also incorporate environmental sustainability principles in their activities! 

How does environmental sustainability play a role in local PTAs?  

Climate change is an urgent issue, disproportionately impacting children  and socially vulnerable populations. PTA can make a difference. 

How can local PTAs incorporate sustainability in their activities? 

• Designate an environmental sustainability chair 

Ask your members if anyone has a particular interest in climate change, going green, or the  environment. Consider designating them to be your PTA’s sustainability chair. 

• Reduce waste at PTA activities 

Reduce the use of single-use plastics at PTA events, use digital instead of paper files where  possible, invest in reusable signs/banners, and explore other strategies to reduce waste. 

• Partner with the school to implement strategies to promote sustainability 

Work with your school’s administration and teachers to encourage recycling, reduce food and  other waste, and explore other strategies to promote sustainability at school.

If you want to talk about more ways to collaborate to reduce waste and promote sustainability in your PTA and school, please send an email to e.sustainability@everettptsacouncil.org.